Thurston Talks

April 27th, 2019

An article was done as this adventure unfolded. 

“With his love of his motorcycle coupled with his desire to give back, Mike recently decided to launch a whole new company called Iron Horse Rides. He is selling his house and taking out a loan to start the motorcycle touring company offering guided tours and dream rides.”.

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Ride Arizona Magazine

Mike Whitlatch was part of the Imagine Guild, a Motorcycle Charity Group for Seattle’s Children’s Hospital; he was also on the board for Veterans Services and started the Gold Star Memorial Foundation in Lacey, Washington. His goal was to help others find a new freedom and awareness through the experience of motorcycling. A high paid computer tech, Mike was dealing with unfulfilled employees and angry clients when he began attending spiritual retreats. 

It was here that he connected his love for riding with emotional freedom and the healing benefits of motorcycling. “I learned Sedona was the most healing and energetic place in the US-if not the world. What better place to have a Harley-Davidson Rental and Touring company focused on the healing and therapeutic qualities?” In 2018 Mike sold everything, purchased the EagleRider Sedona franchise, and moved to Sedona sight unseen!

Mike wants everyone to experience the freedom of riding. If you’ve never been on a Harley or don’t have a license, he offers Chauffeured motorcycle rides throughout Sedona. If you have your own bike, Mike is happy to guide you to the very best secret spots Sedona offers, and beyond. Whether it’s a ride to the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest or Cathedral and Bell Rock. 

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