Ultimate Route 66 1-Day

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Up to 10 Hour(s)
1 Bike $500
2-4 Bikes $250
5+ Bikes $200
Harley-Davidson Not Included
Best-Preserved 156-Mile Stretch

Ride the best-preserved 156-mile stretch of the original Route 66.

The State of Arizona dedicated old U.S. Route 66 from Seligman to Kingman as a Historic Route which assured the preservation of the longest undisturbed stretch of Old Route 66 in the United States.

Here in the heart of cattle ranch country, Old RT 66 makes its way through Seligman, Peach Springs, Truxton, Crozier Canyon, Valentine, Hackberry to Kingman.

On this part of 66 the heartbeat of Mother Road truly begins. You can feel the real history here—the horse paths of the Havasupai, Kaibab Paiute, and Hualapai tribes, and the wagon train two-tracks of settlers forging Westward. To the left are railroad tracks that carried people and goods to the Pacific Coast.

Kingman is the official end of the 156-mile route and is punctuated with what may be the finest RT 66 museum of them all. It’s here you can get in line for the Kingman Route 66 drive-thru photo opportunity!


This is a lot of riding and highly recommend making it a two day, one night trip. You can see the full details here!



  • Williams
       Known as the "Gateway to The Grand Canyon"
  • Seligman
       Where the Route 66 fix begins. Stop for lunch and souvenir hunting.
  • Kingman
       On to the Mother Road. Visit the Arizona Route 66 Museum and get pics in front of the Drive-Thru Sign.
  • Sedona
       Then back to Sedona!
  • As Seen in American Rider National Magazine
       This tour is one to not miss as it was written about in American Rider Magazine.
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