Kickstart Your Passion:

Take an Easy Ride to the Relationship of your Dreams

Elevate your State from Zero to Zen.
In Sedona, Arizona

Explore this powerful path to release old relationships and habits and deeply enrich your availability for intimate connection.

Both on and off these beautiful Harley’s in and around magical Sedona, AZ you will find a whole new way of loving life and finding your heart’s desire.

Whether you’re partnered or single, raising your relationship vibration by clearing the clutter and patterns of the past and increasing your skills and ability to connect on a deeper level is powerful medicine. Experience a way to smoothly navigate the journey toward an intimacy that is both peaceful and passionate and create (or attract) the best and highest possible partnership for you.

This is a 4 day 3 night Harley-Davidson retreat experience like no other. We’ll take advantage of the wind in your face, the open road, and the therapeutic rumble of the Harley to put you fully and precisely into the present moment, where change becomes simple.

While journeying through incredible scenery on a totally customized adventure you won’t find any where else you will be learning things like:

Embracing the Fire That Keeps Passion Alive

Radical Honesty: Learning high level but very simple Conversational skills without blame or defense. Honesty is never about the other person, (that’s just blame). Honesty always requires 100% ownership.  This a powerfully simple concept that is in no way easy without some practice and vibrational shifting,  as well as through energetic movements that allow an easy paradigm change into a new way of seeing how relationships work. Focusing on boundaries, Self-Ownership, Self-Responsibility and Yvonne’s specialty and the topic of her upcoming book ‘The Holy Shit Equation’ (the very holy, very shitty challenge that is nearly mathematical in the precise way it shows up and plays out in every human relationship).

Rediscovering the Lushness of Intimate Connection

through movement and easy shifts from ‘here’ to ‘there.’ Find the absolute clarity that happens when you understand the truth of boundaries: Where you end and the other begins. Where your ownership begins and ends. Where your responsibility begins and ends.

Releasing old habits, patterns and certainties to make room for intimacy to thrive. In an environment where respect, acceptance and a shared expectation for problem resolution exists, humans can not do enough, fast enough, to meet the needs of people they care about. We’ll take a hot air balloon ride to give you the perspective you’ll need to move from surviving to thriving.

The Butterfly Effect

Seeing and working with the immense value of small movements to accomplish enormous change.  Understanding the movements between Masculine and Feminine energies (not male and female), within yourself and within your partnerships. Understanding both your conscious and unconscious agreements and consciously choosing those you will keep, and those you will discard. Using intuitive movements of the soul to remove some of those ‘unholy agreements,’ and any energetic blocks, generational legacies, cultural limiters and what Yvonne calls “the big rocks in your river” holding them in place.

Truly Letting Go

..of The Past: past relationships, past ways of being in this relationship, past ways you were taught to make decisions and communicate your needs, wants and heart’s desires. Unpacking old fights, old obligations, old agreements, old habits and traditions that no longer serve you or your partner. Facing it squarely to assess what still has value and what is ready to be released to make room for bigger, better, stronger, lasting love.  We will be opening it up, letting it breathe (without diving too deeply into it), creating authentic movement and letting the wind of the ride take it away.


*Activities and Schedule subject to weather conditions.

Embracing the Fire

  • Arrive approximately 10am
  • Snacks, meet and greet
  • Harley-Ride with Lunch (provided)
  • Our First Destination and Activity
  • Dinner around the Fire (provided)


  • Sunrise Harley Ride and breakfast (provided)
  • Activity of the day
  • Harley-Ride with Lunch (provided)
  • Dinner in Verde Valley -Finding the lushness (verdant valley) (provided)

Butterfly Effect

  • Breakfast (provided)
  • Harley-Ride 
  • Activity of the day
  • Harley-Ride with Lunch (provided)
  • Dinner – The Butterfly Effect (provided)
  • FREE Time

Letting Go

  1. Breakfast (provided)
  2. Harley-Ride to the Activity of the day. It will be a Hot one!!! 
  3. Lunch (provided)
  4. Good Byes
  5. Depart by 3pm

Harley Mike

Ride Master and CEO - "Chief Experience Officer"

Mike’s been riding motorcycles for 4 decades and recently realized the power riding a Harley-Davidson has. Ever since then it’s been a passion to have others experience that!

Sedona is a Magical place and the rides set up will be amazing, Coupling that with great healing, this will be an experience like none other. 

Yvonne Bryght

Coach, Counselor, Energy Worker

My practice works at the cellular level to shift memories, release inefficient patterns and resolve familial, generational or cultural legacies. I am a skilled practitioner of cognitive and behavioral techniques that energize connections and create sustainable change in the lives of individuals, communities and businesses. I specialize in freeing up Creativity, expanding Connection, and increasing Abundance in every area of life.

I use methods both traditional and ancient, creating lasting change in the body and the soul. My motto is based on my favorite quote from Johann von Goethe:

“Be Bold and Mighty Forces will come to your aid.”

I say, ‘Do whatever it takes to move yourself forward into the fullest expression of Joy in your life. There is no higher purpose. This is your purpose.’

Sedona. On a Harley-Davidson. With Intention. It Doesn't get any better.

With the wind in your face, the open road, the rumble of the Harley to put you in the right mindset to be sure you are not working in the past or future but to bring you the present where learning becomes easiest. See why riding a Harley is an amazing therapeutic step.

The Rides

Each ride will be in tune with with the 4 subjects we have put together.


This ride takes you up to one of the most famous ghost towns where the curves of the roads won’t disappoint. Here we will have lunch at the top and enjoy the views. Then we will continue the ride on to Prescott. There will be plenty of time to take pictures and do some shopping.  

Sunrise Vortexes:
Experience what Sedona is most known for and a glimpse of what this beautiful area has to offer. The ride will visit the entry points to the four Vortexes (vortices) in the area. On this tour you get sweeping panoramic views of the iconic red rocks along with the high desert views in West Sedona as we take you down Hwy 179 through wine country then up Hwy 89A. This tour allows you to see all the breathtaking parts of Sedona. There will be plenty of time to stop and take photos and explore!

“It was sunsets that taught me that beauty sometimes only lasts for a couple of moments, and it was sunrises that showed me that all it takes is patience to experience it all over again.”

Granite Mountain- Yarnell

One of the most spectacular rides I’ve been on. We will stop and visit the Monument that honors 19 hot shot firefighters that lost their lives on the mountain. The scenery will take your breath away and a reminder how precious our life is and how fire can quickly take it away.

More detailed info to come!


Based upon a maximum of 6 bikes


$ 3,800 Per Person
  • Use of Harley-Davidson
  • King Bedroom Suite
  • All Meals
  • All Activities

Single Driver

$ 5,200 Per Person
  • Use of Harley-Davidson
  • King Bedroom Suite
  • All Meals
  • All Activities
  • *$500 Passenger Discount
  • *Shared Room Discount

Single Passenger

$ 4,700 Per Person
  • Use of Harley-Davidson
  • King Bedroom Suite
  • All Meals
  • All Activities
  • *Shared Room Discount


  1. Scheduled Shuttle Pickup and drop-off from Sky Harbor Airport 
  2. Use of Harley -Davidson for the 4 days
  3. Guided Rides by Mike
  4. Accommodations in luxury King Suite with extraordinary views of the red rocks
  5. Meals Provided per Itinerary
  6. Non-Alcoholic Drinks all day
  7. Specially created Activities

Exclusions: airfare, unspecified meals, gratuities

Contact Us For More Info

If you are wanting to be a passenger, we will make every attempt to set you up with a rider who would like to have a passenger. Please register so that way we know you want to go and we can work on finding a way for you to have this once in a lifetime experience!
Motorcycle Choice is First Come First Served. Please choose which bike you would hope to have on your trip and we will do everything possible to make it happen!