BikeMaster® 5 Gallon Utility Jug White

BikeMaster® 5 Gallon Utility Jug White

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  • Natural color for best visibility inside container
  • Auto shut off vented hose, so no venting to open and close or to leak when pouring
  • Stops overfilling and helps prevent spilling
  • Made in USA.


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BikeMaster® 5 Gallon Utility Jug has a squared-off design for flush fit against flat surfaces, minimizing the chance of rolling or spilling. Made with HDPE ( High-Density Polyethylene) for toughness, strength, stiffness and resistance to chemical and moisture. The 3/4″ flexible clear hose with auto shut off built into the hose which eliminates over poring and allows for a quicker pour. Fluid stops flowing after reaching the end of the hose automatically.


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