The perfect place to enjoy the night sky is in our International Dark Sky community here in Sedona. Once the sun has set, your journey begins in Uptown Sedona where we’ll take you on a star lit ride to some of the best view spots in the city. The journey takes you out to the Boynton Canyon area where we’ll stop for a short break to get fully immersed in the ambiance. You’ll be able to lie down on the blankets we provide for the ultimate star gazing experience in the peace and quiet. Take in the experience of the entire night sky during the ride. You can’t get an experience like this anywhere else. Something you must do while in Sedona.

*Subject to availability and weather. A clear sky is needed!

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Stardona Tour

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Duration: 3-4 hours


Chauffeured Couples Package

Guided Couples Package

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Ultimate Stargazing Experience

What you get is a chance to view the stars in a very special way. We will take you to a special secured place at the Airport where you will have 180 degree view of Sedona and no light pollution. Weather and Special Conditions apply.


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